Donate Facebook Credits To Charities Through CNN Promotion

Facebook Credits have been moving beyond games, to fund some charitable causes.

Facebook Credits have been moving beyond games, to fund some charitable causes. The latest one adds a thick layer of corporate branding to promote CNN’s “Heroes” series.

This year’s ten most popular altruists featured by CNN appear on a Facebook page where you can donate to their causes using Facebook Credits from now through the end of the year. Apparently the social network is processing these transactions pro bono and calling it a donation.

CNN has donated plenty of broadcast time, including a show honoring the heroes, conveniently scheduled right after most people have just finished their Thanksgiving dinner. Pardon my cynicism toward the the news network that’s taken a beating in ratings this year, but the “all-star tribute” makes a nice alternative to reprising the Macy’s parade and all the other types of filler material that usually airs on a holiday.

That said, each of the ten altruists does have an impressive story that you can watch by clicking on video links on the CNN Heroes page. There are also links to the corresponding charity pages on Facebook to show you that these beneficiaries are legit. They include:

Guadalupe De La Vega: Post-prison reentry
Susan Burton: Health care in Juarez, Mexico
Linda Fondren: Battles obesity in Mississippi
Anuradha Koirala: Fights sex trafficking in Nepal
Narayanan Krishnan: Feeds and cares for the homeless in Madurai, India
M. Macfarlane-Barrow: Provides meals to children in schools worldwide
Harmon Parker: Erects footbridges in Kenya
Aki Ra: Clears land mines in Cambodia
Evans Wadongo: Builds solar lanterns in Kenya
Dan Wallrath: Constructs homes for injured veterans

And if you need more of an incentive to donate, CNN shows the names and Facebook photos of those who have given money to the cause. Anonymous donations don’t appear to be an option here, especially because the page’s descriptive text window states:

PRIVACY: You agree any comments & content with your name & profile picture may be used by CNN, its affiliates and licensees in all media. CNN will use your name & profile picture in accordance with its privacy policy located at

Readers, would you feel more inclined to donate to charity through the use of Facebook Credits than using other methods? Does the lack of anonymity influence your decision one way or another? Which charities do you want to help most?