Donald Trump vs. the New Hampshire Union Leader

An endless volley.

At what point does predictable sensationalism bring about an ennui no outrageous remark can override? We’re getting close, we think.

“Low life.” “Sleazebag.” “Loser.” That last one, especially. The list of “losers” by now is so long it renders the word meaningless. And what of its meaning, anyway? Ugly, petty, juvenile.

Trump’s latest slings and arrows, delivered yesterday during a rally in New Hampshire, are directed at Joseph W. McQuaid, publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader–the state’s largest paper–and author of an editorial that preceded Trump’s arrival to the Granite State.

It was, as we all know, not a warm welcome:

Trump has shown himself to be a crude blowhard with no clear political philosophy and no deeper understanding of the important and serious role of President of the United States than one of the goons he lets rough up protesters in his crowds.

He reminds us of the grownup bully “Biff” in the “Back to the Future” movie series. Lo and behold, the screenwriter says that he based Biff on Trump. On Feb. 9, we trust New Hampshire Republicans will send “Biff Trump” back to somewhere — anywhere but on the road to the most important elective office in the United States at a most crucial time for this nation.

Rinse. Repeat. To the end of time, or at least until the early primary states, New Hampshire included, hopefully clarify what their voters–actual, real, ballot-filling voters–think of the candidates when it matters.