Donald Trump Tells Fox 5’s Good Day New York That a Run for President in 2012 Will ‘Probably’ Be as an Independent

Donald Trump, who is contemplating a run at the White House in 2012 as a Republican, made the rounds for interviews yesterday, including on Fox 5/WNYW.

Appearing on Good Day New York, Trump indicated that he could be an independent.

“I hate what’s happpening to the country… I think the Republicans are very concerned that I [may] run as an independent…”

Trump appeared live, (although not in studio), with anchors Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto.

“I am very conservative… The concern is if I don’t win [the GOP primary] will I run as an independent, and I think the answer is probably yes.”

Asked if he thought he had a shot to become president as an independent, Trump added, “I’m not doing it for any other reason. I like winning.” (It’s not likely that The Donald was mocking Charlie Sheen)

Of course, the real estate mogul reinvented himself in becoming a reality star in 2004.

“I don’t need to do this for ratings on The Apprentice.” Trump said. “This is too important. Our country is in trouble. Our country is not being properly led. It needs help.”  

While Trump hasn’t officially thrown his hat into the ring, he cited some examples of being presidential.

“I would tell China that you’re either going to shape up, or I’m going to tax you at 25 percent for all the products you send into this country.”

Regarding other hot spots overseas, Trump said he is “only interested in Libya if we take the oil,” and that as president, “I would not leave Iraq and let Iran take over the oil.”