Daily News Cartoonist Carries the Trump Torch

Bill Bramhall has been with the paper since the glory days of The Apprentice

Jim Rich is no longer the editor in chief of the New York Daily News, while Rich O’Malley, the paper’s former executive editor, has also departed.

But the third person referenced in Rich’s recent tweet, staff cartoonist Bill Bramhall, is still with the New York Daily News. Where he continues to make great use of Statue of Liberty imagery.

In December 2015, long before this month’s controversial Der Spiegel cover, Bramhall drew Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clutching a sword in one hand and the decapitated head of Lady Liberty in the other. Somewhat strangely, when the Washington Post connected those two dots, they did not apparently ask Der Spiegel cover artist Edel Rodriguez whether he was inspired by the earlier artwork.

For our Trump-Liberty money, a Bramhall illustration shared two days after Rich’s Jan. 29 tweet is even better. Check it out here.

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