Donald Trump Reportedly Asks Rupert Murdoch to Suggest Names to Lead the FCC

Drain the swamp, all day every day.

In the last two paragraphs of a piece in which New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman contemplates who will take Megyn Kelly‘s place in Fox News Channel’s prime-time lineup (a “pro-Trump conservative,” probably) is a far more important, and troubling, issue.
The impetus, it turns out, for creating a thick chunk of pro-Trump programming is business, not ideological. A source told Sherman that Donald Trump asked Rupert Murdoch for his suggestions for FCC Chair.

If Fox News’ politics ultimately solidify as more pro-Trump than they were during the campaign, that might be to the benefit of Murdoch’s business interests. According to a well-placed source, Trump has asked Murdoch to submit names for FCC Chairman. Murdoch, another source said, also wants conditions put on the AT&T-Time Warner merger, and he could lobby Trump to make that happen.

Put another way, Trump is asking Murdoch to choose the person he’d like to head the regulatory body that regulates Murdoch’s business, as well as those of his competitors.