Donald Trump Places Nazis Inside Latest Political Ad

This guy is a magnet for positive coverage.

The saga of Donald Trump‘s public relations foibles continue to provide shock and awe to everyone following the 2016 presidential campaign (and most of those who aren’t). There’s no need to recap all of those tales of woe–although we’d appreciate it if you read and shared said tales–because this one Trumps all the others to date.

This time, the Donald asked someone in Trump campaign headquarters to tweet something patriotic which was, coincidentally, also very stupid.

trump tweetNice, right?

You have Old Glory, the White House, cash money, his sour mug, and soldiers. Who doesn’t see that and say “God Bless America?” Probably those guys from the military because English isn’t their first language.

According to Mother Jones and a closet scholar of World War II regalia named John Schindler, those camouflaged folks are actually the Waffen-SS, or the diabolical military wing of the Nazi Party.

First, the tweet…

And now, the tell… waffen ss So, Captain Accountable? What happened? Deputy Editor of The Daily Dot Eric Geller has the news:

The anonymous intern obviously has no connection to The Donald, who will continue to provide cause for everyone around the world to point and laugh.