Donald Trump, Piers Morgan and David Carr

A slice of #tbt Twitter dated Nov. 10, 2012.

Exactly four years ago, the future 45th President of the United States tweeted the following:


In addition to containing lingo that would be repeated during the 2016 presidential campaign and quickly disparaged by media observers (“many are saying…”), this Nov. 10, 2012 boast also generated at the time intriguing responses from journalists. Piers Morgan joked that Trump was in fact the “2nd best” 140-character writer, while David Carr blasted out a manual retweet of Eric D. Snider’s observation that “No one is saying that.”

Cut to November 2016. Morgan, in his latest column for the Daily Mail, bemoans the fact that no one would take him seriously when he warned 18 months ago that it was extremely dangerous to underestimate the viability of Trump as a politician. Morgan breaks down the defeat of Hillary Clinton on several different levels, including a voter gut-check:

The key issues in this campaign were not climate change, legalizing marijuana or gay marriage.

They were the economy, jobs, immigration and terrorism.

Trump tapped into each of these with clear, defined, loud messages that he rammed home day in day out for 16 months and which grabbed huge media attention.

Twitter played a critical role in Trump’s ability to grab that attention, with more than a few people today arguing that DJT ranks as the best presidential-campaign user of the format. As far as the esteemed Mr. Carr, we imagine he is currently rolling over in his grave. #tbt #RIP #dearlymissed