Donald Trump Takes Over The Arizona Republic

Most of today's front page and a gaggle of recent, new articles.

ArizonaRepublicFront_07_11Ahead of this afternoon’s campaign stop in Phoenix, The Donald dominates the print and Web editions of Arizona’s leading newspaper.

The Gannett publication has all the angles covered, right down to Homer Simpson’s recent magical journey through the “ginger forest” that lies atop Trump’s head and Patrick Jones asking New Yorkers who said it – Donald Trump or show character Mr. Burns. Trump is a circulation and Internet traffic lightning rod; you can bet that today’s numbers for The Republic will be far above the usual Saturday fray.

Trump was originally slated to visit the Arizona Biltmore hotel, but the 2 p.m. event has since been moved to the larger Convention Center to accommodate the expected crowd. And that, per another The Republic item, has made several local politicians unhappy:

“Mr. Trump certainly has a First Amendment right to bluster as much as he wants, and even to pander to our worst instincts in a sad attempt to win votes at the expense of hard-working, honorable, law-abiding Latinos,” [council member Richard] Valenzuela said.

“However, we should draw the line at allowing him to use the Phoenix Convention Center — a public building funded by all of our taxpayers’ dollars — to stage his hate-filled circus.”

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