Donald Trump or Public Restrooms? PPP’s Incredible List of Polling Questions

Donald Trump vs. bed bugs, personal injury lawyers and more.

Public Policy Polling put out a poll. It was about the presidential elections. There were results in the form of percentages. (Clinton is ahead of Trump 42 to 37 percent, both have greater unfavorability than before and the percentage of undecideds has risen.)

But what we’d really like to call your attention to is a series of questions posed to participants that read like the polling version of “Would You Rather?” In PPP’s version, that construct is turned into “Donald Trump or X,” as in, “What do you have a higher opinion of: Donald Trump or middle seats on airplanes?” Middle seats on airplanes wins that round, 45 to 42 percent.

Donald Trump comes out on top against junk mail, mosquitos, the Bubonic plague, Carnies, Ryan Lochte and bed bugs.

He is bested by public restrooms, Duke University and people who leave voicemails in the year 2016.

Trump ties with personal injury lawyers.

And on matters of calling foul when the odds are not in your favor, respondents said both the New York Times (54 to 29 percent) and CNN (52 to 34 percent) had greater favorability than Donald Trump. That despite his best attempt to portray the media as a dishonest, Constitution-disrespecting cabal.

On a related note, 18 percent of respondents think “ACORN will steal the election for Clinton.” That’s a trick question. ACORN was disbanded in 2010.