Former TMZ Producer Gets the Harvey Levin Scoop

Taryn Hillin puts Entity magazine on the media map

It was not from within the Beltway that this scoop came, but rather Los Angeles. Taryn Hillin, a newly installed editor with women’s media platform Entity magazine, broke the news Monday that Harvey Levin had met last week at the White House with President Trump.

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Hillin, who before Entity worked at Fusion and The Huffington Post, served as a producer with TMZ in 2012-13. She likely tapped a personal connection there as her main source for the item. Still, it’s an impressive calling card for both her and Entity, a new site headed by former HuffPo colleague Jennifer Schwab Wangers. Here’s how Entity describes itself:

Our mission is to recognize and celebrate females whose stories take girl power to the next level. Engaging and crisp, Entity’s content aims to bring each woman’s journey to life and to inspire visitors to embrace their own voice and discover their authentic selves–be it within the confines of an urban office or a cozy home.

In confirming Hillin’s story, The New York Times added an intriguing detail. Levin reportedly wants to try and land Tom Brady for his upcoming TV series Objectified, and planned to apparently mention that to President Trump in hopes that a good word could be forwarded.