This Darth Vader Loves Trump Steaks

Donald Trump gets skewered by Auralnauts.

The Auralnauts team of Craven, Zak and visual artist David Bizzaro have struck YouTube gold. Posted at the beginning of the week, their eight-minute mashup of Star Wars footage and Donald Trump sound bytes spouted from behind the Darth Vader mask is already one of the group’s top five videos of all-time and seems destined to wind up as the most viewed, ahead of 2012’s “Bane Outtakes.”

Everyone has a favorite bit; FishbowlNY’s is The Vader’s ramble about Trump Steaks and their availability at The Sharper Image. Auralnauts have also been forced in this particular case to work overtime in the comments:

Aurulnauts: Hey guys! This is satirical comedy. If you would like to engage in political discourse, please do so in a civil manner. Any comments that are hateful, not fact checked, or something you would never say to our faces will be deleted.

Some have joked that Trump the Republican candidate is like the diaspora of Internet comments, come to life. Truer than ever in this case.

Everyone from the Washington Post to Rush Limbaugh have been chiming in about The Vader. But special kudos to Entertainment Weekly’s Dylan Kickham, who appears to have been one of the very first to get to this punch with a Dec. 8 post.