Donald Sterling (Obviously) Never Sought PR or Legal Counsel

We know, we know: words can’t express how little you want to read yet another post about Donald Sterling and the many stupid things he’s done to ensure his own date with infamy.

We do, however, feel it’s appropriate to point out one painfully obvious thing revealed by the Anderson Cooper interview and subsequent analysis via Sports Illustrated:

“Cooper surprisingly revealed that Sterling was without legal counsel and public relations advisers for the interview. While ‘Sterling unscripted’ may have been the real deal, genuineness was probably the wrong approach for someone with Sterling’s cantankerous style and cringeworthy worldview.

This was not a man who seemed ‘coached’ by his handlers at all.”

Well, yeah. At least he colored his hair.

Friend of the site Mr. Media Training summed up the problems with Mr. Sterling’s damage control strategy better than we ever could:

“…Sterling’s lack of discipline allowed personal animus to rule the day. Magic Johnson was tangential to this story. Yes, Donald Sterling said on tape that he didn’t want Magic Johnson coming to his games —but all Sterling had to do now was say, “That was a dumb thing to say, and I’m sorry.”

Sometimes people scoff at the idea of PR pros or attorneys sitting in with clients during these types of interviews. Sterling didn’t have one. Their value likely seems a lot clearer now.”

Now we hope that our industry can file his terrible interview under “case studies” and forget about it for a decade or so.

Also: Go Clippers.

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