Don Imus’ Restoration


According to Jacques Steinberg of The New York Times Don Imus is set to regain nearly everything he lost after making racially insensitive remarks earlier this year. The last I’s to be dotted and the final T’s to be crossed regarding Don Imus’ December 3rd return to terrestrial radio centered around whether or not there would be a television component broadcasting his show live. MSNBC, which used to run his show, wasn’t biting. Imus, it was announced, will be simulcast, albeit on a smaller television venue. From The New York Times:

”Patrick Gottsch, a former satellite-dish installer from Nebraska who founded RFD-TV in 1988, said in an interview yesterday that he had reached agreement with Mr. Imus on a five-year contract to televise his program. While Mr. Gottsch would not discuss any financial terms, someone else briefed directly on the deal said it could be worth up to $5 million a year — about what WABC-AM and its parent company, Citadel Broadcasting, are paying for the radio program. Mr. Imus declined comment, but one of his representatives, who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity, said yesterday that the host expected to sign a contract with RFD (which stands for Rural Free Delivery) in the next day or so.

”Even with a portion of the RFD payment going to Citadel, Mr. Imus’s annual compensation from his new radio and TV outlets could be within range of the roughly $10 million he was being paid annually by CBS Radio before he was fired last spring over his racial and sexual aside about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.”

So, let’s recap: Minus the inconvenience of the media apologies, the groveling before Sharpton, and the smaller television simulcast, Imus regains pretty much everything he lost plus he got a paid vacation to boot. Charmed, I’m sure.

(image via msnbc)