Don Imus Hates His Own Network

That, or he’s just itching to get fired.

From this morning’s show:

    (On knowing the voter turnout in Texas)

    Imus: Do you think anyone at MSNBC, they spent $50 million dollars covering this campaign, doing pretty much an embarrassing job of doing so and I asked Bigfoot this morning; what percentage of the people who could vote in Texas turned out and he said ‘I don’t know’ (ineligible) And then Brian Williams. Did you see Brian Williams last night? I couldn’t watch it, he’s doing this stuff (Imus imitates hand movements) and you know, he’s moving his hands like this. Did you see that Bernie?

    Co-host: I did see some of it yeah

    Imus: What is that? I mean it’s like he’s refereeing a football game. (Imitates voice) All right, you over here, and you over here. Well, what is that?

    Co-host: They will kick off (laughing)

    Imus: Oh my god, finally I just gave up. You couldn’t watch anything, it was all so awful.

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Co-host: The best thing to do was go to sleep at about nine o’clock and wake up in the morning and see what happened.

Imus: I took my chess lesson and then went to bed. I couldn’t watch it. These people who do this are awful. Oh my god.

(Commercial Break)

Imus: Well, you would think they would have all this information for me, wouldn’t you?

Co-host: If it were available this early

Imus: Get it available

Co-host: Everything that the I-man is interested in is available at this point

Imus: Well, we’re going to talk to David Gregory in a second. I was just telling Charles that the coverage I saw, and I saw most of everything, was awful. And I mean AWFUL.

Co-host: Across the board?

Imus: Oh my god, awful!

7:25 AM

(Russert just cancelled calling into show because he will be on the Today show)

Imus: I love Tim [Russert], but he can go straight to hell and so can the — Today Show, you can’t watch it that — well I guess you can. But I mean it’s a — god, that is awful.

The Today Show, god that just sucks. (Imitates anchors voices) shut up! Are you kidding me?

….And I saw Brian Williams last night. Enough with him, I mean, I love Brian, I actually do, but I mean he makes me nervous watching. And everyone on his set is so tense, even poor ‘ol Brokaw, who’s completely gone by the way. I mean the drool was coming out of his mouth on his ties. He just sat there, he really looks like he’s just completely out of it, doesn’t he Charles? He’s just kind of staring at the wall there.

Charles: He didn’t look comfortable in his own skin

Imus: Here’s Brian Wilson, I don’t know what the hell he’s doing, Brian Williams. What did I say?

Co-hosts: Brian Wilson.

Imus: Well whatever, he’s going like this (arm gestures) On one hand we have this and on the other hand we have, and then he’s one of those guys who has — I don’t know, I guess he makes enough money now to buy a nice watch, so we all have to see it. He’s got this big stupid watch like he’s Diddy. I mean, they are AWFUL! They’re awful and the cable coverage, you couldn’t watch it, it was so terrible. They were awful.

Co-host: Let’s get back to Brian, Tim and Tom.

Imus: Right

Co-host: How did you recognize what you alleged to be this deteriorating condition in Tom? From looking in the mirror every morning?

Imus: Yes. No, I mean I’m actually — this is sad, I’m more alert then he is ’cause he’s gone.

Co-host: They should have brought out a blanket to wrap him in

Imus: He was just sitting like this (laughter) and they go to him and he’s just sitting here like this (imitates Tom) And Russert, what’s with the green tie? What’s with that? Have you noticed, he’s had the green tie on? Is this a signal? What is this? The green tie, he has it on the other day.

(video clip of Brokaw and Williams)

Imus: Just put your hands down. Look at that. Brokaw’s sitting there thinking ‘oh my god, he’s coming after me’…The coverage was awful–

Co-host: But it was still better then the other networks

Imus: What was?

Co-host: The coverage

Imus: No it wasn’t, no it wasn’t. It was awful. I never watch it because I don’t want to get irritated, I turned on CBS and my wife comes in and she said ‘I just watched Katie Couric, you can’t believe how awful — she actually said, can we all just get a long?’ Well I said she had to be kidding. And she said ‘no, she wasn’t kidding. She’s an idiot.’