Don Fisher’s Presidio Museum Might Be Broken Into Pieces

0716presidio.jpgSpeaking of billionaires in California who want to open their own museums, we head north to once again check in with Gap founder Don Fisher. At last we heard from him, his plans to build the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio were hitting a number of setbacks, including a whole slew of people coming out to complain that he wanted to build it on national park land. Now it seems as though Fisher (along with his team of lawyers, spokespeople, and well, dump trucks full of money) has seen the project through most of the important channels and though it looks like the museum will probably get built after all, it might not look anything like how he’d originally planned it. Instead, the Presidio Trust organization, which oversees the land, have decided that it might be better to split up the museum into several small buildings, thus sparing some of the historic landmarks. Whether or not this will make Fisher want to continue with the process if those changes are demanded is anyone’s guess. Here’s a bit:

In a series of meetings held over the last several weeks with preservationists, neighbors and project sponsors, the Presidio Trust has outlined a number of different development ideas that would require Fisher’s architects to start from scratch.

“I think what they have found in the historic review is that the Fisher museum, as proposed in terms of size, appropriateness and location, will not be accepted,” said Presidio neighbor Don Green.