Don Fisher’s Presidio Museum Hits a Snag


Nothing is ever easy, is it? That must be the thought in your head if you’re Gap founder Don Fisher and all you wanted to do was build a multi-million dollar private museum on National Park land, but now people are coming out of the woodwork to get the project stopped. What’s more, because of the number of complaints and concerns raised at recent public meetings, The Presidio Trust association who will ultimately give the yea or nay on Fisher’s plans, has extended the conversation out by 45 more days in the interest of giving everyone a fair shot at airing their grievances. So it looks like it’s going to be another slew of wait-and-see months before Fisher can start opening up his wallet and hanging up his art. Here’s a bit:

Five hundred people filled the Presidio Trust’s meeting Monday night to capacity, while hundreds more stood outside waiting to tell the board what they thought of the museum plan put forward by Gap founder Don Fisher.

…Trust Chairman Dave Grubb was met with a round of applause when he announced the board would extend the public comment period by 45 days, to mid-September.

The delay effectively moves back the likely approval date for any project from before the end of the year to early next year, according to Lane Kasselman, spokesperson for Fisher’s Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio.