Don “Ed” Hardy Documentary to be Released Next Month

Would you like to see a film about Ed Hardy? Your first response to that question, of course, might have been a repulsed “No!” given the familiar fashion brand name and its various negative connotations. But let us remind you that that Ed Hardy the company is simply a licensed brand, whereas the Don “Ed” Hardy is a real person. That designation made, the documentary, Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World, a biography of arguably the most famous tattoo designer in the world, has just been given a release date: September 20th on DVD and on demand cable. The film was directed by Emmy and Sundance winner Emiko Omori, who in 1980 had previously made a documentary about Hardy called Tattoo City, which focused on the tattoo artist’s first San Francisco shop (and, personally speaking, is genuinely worth seeing). Here’s a short clip from the upcoming film: