Don Barrett Officially Shuts Down

Last summer, Don Barrett decided to pull the plug on his venerable industry website He waited until the fall of 2011 to go public, but it seems Barrett even then had a hard time giving up his Web routine entirely.

A year later, he swears it’s now official. Per a report on, Barrett seems to have finally crossed the “T’s” and dotted the “I” in transmitter: has shut down again, this time for good, as Barrett informs his subscribers in an email that the site is officially closed. Barrett kept updating the site for remaining subscribers until closing the operation today [November 8].

In the email, Barrett thanked Alan Oda, Anita Garner, The Insane Darrell Wayne, the late Jim Hawthorne, Jim Hilliker, Scott St. James, Christian Wheel and Steve Thompson for their their work on the site and thanked readers for supporting the website. “My goal from day one with my books and later website was to pay tribute to the men and women who have entertained us in LA radio for the past half century… To provide something you didn’t know about what was going on in today’s radio. I wanted to pay tribute to those who had gone before us and blazed the trail…”

Barrett goes on to detail his immediate future plans. Read the article here.