Domino’s Racks In $1 Million In Mobile App Based Sales In a Week

Domino’s Pizza has proven the monetary potential of the mobile platform. Within just one week of the official launch of its new mobile ordering platform, the pizza giant has make more than $1 million in mobile sales. Customers can order pizza from Domino’s mobile ordering site from any internet enabled mobile device. The pizza franchise is currently also running a promotion to deliver cheaper pizza if ordered from the mobile site.

CEO Don Meij and the Domino’s team was surprised and proud at the same time for making $1 million in sales in just one week. Meij said.

Our focus on the digital side of our business and commitment to ensuring portability for our customer is already showing fantastic results. This really shows our customers love the ability to order their favorite pizza while on the go. It’s like a personalized Domino’s store in your pocket, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Mr Meij aims to generate more than 50% of sales coming from the digital side of the business over the next 3 years. Domino’s new state of the art mobile ordering site will play a significant role in achieving Meij’s goals. Pizza Hut has also followed Domino’s trail with a release of an iPhone app shortly after, but has yet to launch a mobile ordering site in the same attitude as Domino’s.