TheWrap Goes to Court Against Former Employee

This Thursday afternoon at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown LA, Dominic Patten, former news editor at TheWrap, will square off in small claims against his one-time employer. At issue: a March 2011 payment of $2500 that Sharon Waxman‘s outfit insists was dispatched in error.

Per the May 17 filing: “Defendant provided services to this company for which he was mistakenly overpaid. Defendant refuses to return the money.”

When contacted by FishbowlLA, Patten said the alleged overpayment only came to TheWrap’s attention after he got in touch with them, post-employment, about never having received his 2010 tax filing documents. He received another bi-weekly payment following the disputed one, and was told at one point that a former accountant was responsible for the $2500 mistake. He believes, and will argue, that he is entitled to the money.

“This lawsuit has nothing to do with TheWrap or money,” Patten says. “It has everything to do with Sharon Waxman’s vindictiveness and anger.”

Both parties, according to court documents, will be representing themselves. Since leaving TheWrap in March, Patten has continued to talk showbiz on Fox & Friends (pictured) and the Fox Business network. He is also doing branding work for several Fortune 500 companies and working on a book about the year 1972, scheduled for publication in 2012.

When contacted about this matter today by FishbowlLA, a spokesperson for TheWrap said they had no comment.

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