Dollar Shave Club Is Hiring More Writers

A staff writer for MEL and a grooming writer for Bathroom Minutes magazine.

Dollar Shave Club’s men’s lifestyle content effort MEL started out last November as a twice-weekly email newsletter. A few months later, it added a permanent landing page via Medium.

The content has been fairly diverse. In January, former male supermodel Hoyt Richards recalled his long and costly association with Eternal Values, a personality cult founded by Frederick Von Mierers that encompassed bogus gems and a Manhattan apartment building HQ. Richards was finally able to extricate himself from the group’s grasp with a West Coast assist from Fabio.

And this past weekend, D.C.-based writer Mark Strauss examined the early history of men’s battle with baldness. Headlined “Bald New World,” the piece has some fun historical info.

Dollar Shave Club is currently hiring a staff writer for MEL. The chosen individual, by today’s blog-tastic standards, will have it pretty easy, expected to contribute between three and six weekly features, interviews and essays. MEL’s five content verticals are: Body and Mind; Digital Culture; Entertainment; Jobs and Money; Sex and Relationships.

Dollar Shave Club, the fast-growing startup based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., is also currently looking for a MEL editorial assistant and a grooming writer for its separate content spinoff Bathroom Minutes magazine.

Pictured: Richards on a 1982 Italian fashion magazine cover