Dole Combines Game and Giveaway to Promote Prepackaged Salads

Dole Food Company is using its Facebook page to promote a game, giveaway and sweepstakes related to its new line of prepackaged salads and accompanying Dole Salad Guide campaign.

The campaign’s aim is to promote better health by eating Dole’s prepackaged salad blends. Those come in a variety of tastes (mild to bold) and textures (tender to crunchy), each measured on a scale of 1 to 5 per Dole’s salad guide on each bag.

After clicking on the Super Salad Slider! tab of Dole’s Facebook page, the user is taken to Dole’s web site to enter their name and address and then play the game. Dole’s 1-5 scale serves the role of slot machine in Super Salad Slider Game. Instead of pulling a lever to start the game a user clicks on “Go,” and to end the game they click on “Stop.” Awards are mixed in with results describing different kinds of salads.

This guide is central to Dole’s Salad Guide campaign. Featuring a man claiming to be the foremost expert on salads as spokesman, the game determines winners in the giveaway – which runs form January 1 to February 28 – and a sweepstakes that includes a grand prize trip for two to the California Health and Longevity Institute.

Overall the Dole Salad Guide campaign hints at promoting better health through people eating their salads, as reflected by messaging on both the company site and the Facebook page. Under the Season’s Eatings tab on Facebook there are healthy eating tips and the page’s status updates are frequently used to promote health by eating salads, like the recipes available on Dole’s primary site.

Dole seems to be targeting women with this campaign, not only because the sweepstakes includes a spa treatment, but also because the content of the Facebook page includes recipes, suggestions specific to female health and tips to help mothers get children eat more veggies.

One recent status update, “Salad can also equal better bone health!” is an allusion to osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease that often afflicts older women, while “Serve salad before the rest of your meal to encourage everybody – including kids – to eat it first,” is a suggestion that mothers with young children might implement.

Consequently, the more than 13,600 fans are overwhelmingly women, who share their own salad recipes and suggestions on the page’s wall, and engage in discussions over how to best prepare them.

Playing Dole’s Super Salad Slider Game automatically enters users into the grand prize drawing, although one may also enter via snail mail, and a total of 959 other prizes are set to be awarded, including 59 first prizes of the Dole Nutrition Guide Book and 900 coupons redeemable for Dole salads up to $5 for eligible legal U.S. residents 18 or older.

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