DOJ Sends Another Letter to AP, AP Remains Unhappy

The Department of Justice is trying to brush off the secret accessing of Associated Press editors and reporters phone records. The agency already sent one bland letter to the AP about the incident, and today, it sent another. According to AP CEO and president Gary Pruitt, both letters from the DOJ basically said “Meh,” and not much else about the scary over-extension of the government.

“We appreciate the DOJ’s prompt response, but it does not adequately address our concerns,” writes Pruitt, in a statement. “The letter simply restates the law and claims that officials have complied with it.”

Pruitt goes on to say that he believes the root of the DOJ’s shady move was an AP report about the government stopping a bomb from being placed on a plane in May of last year. Though the AP worked with the government to ensure it didn’t reveal any national security information, Pruitt suggests that ultimately, the AP’s report didn’t paint the feds in a kind enough light.

“The White House had said there was no credible threat to the American people in May of 2012,” explains Pruitt. “The AP story suggested otherwise, and we felt that was important information and the public deserved to know it.”

The DOJ apparently felt otherwise, and so it flexed its muscles. And now that it’s done showing its strength (for now), it wants the AP to simply shut up and go away. We’re glad the AP isn’t shrinking from this fight, even though they don’t stand much of a chance against the Goliath that is the United States government.

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