Dogs With Hands Are Taking YouTube By Storm

Dogs with hands are freakin' hilarious, which is why it's no surprise that they've taken YouTube by storm this year. Check out some of YouTube's best dogs with hands videos after the jump.

Dogs with hands are freakin’ hilarious, which is why it’s no surprise that they’ve taken YouTube by storm this year. It all started with a sudden influx of videos of dogs with hands in February and March of this year and now, just in time for the holidays, another holly jolly video featuring dogs with hands is going viral. Read on to learn more about this trend, and to see some of the best dogs with hands videos on YouTube.

‘It’s a Jolly Holi-dog Celebration!’ hit YouTube a couple of weeks ago and is approaching 300,000 views so far. It features a bunch of different dogs with hands wrapping Christmas presents, sending out cards, making paper snowflakes, baking Christmas cookies and more and is a promotion for pet adoption from Best Friends Animal Society. If I didn’t already have a dog I’d certainly be inclined to adopt one after seeing this!

As I wrote earlier, dog with hands videos really started gaining popularity in February and March of this year. As a bunch of different handed-dog videos were uploaded and started getting views at approximately the same time, it’s hard to tell which was the one that got the ball rolling. However, there is no denying that Ginger the golden retriever has been the most popular dog with hands on YouTube. Her most popular video, ‘Breakfast at Ginger’s’ has been viewed nearly 4 million times. Since ‘Breakfast at Ginger’s’ took off, a number of other videos of Ginger with hands have also been uploaded to sawith65’s channel on YouTube.

At around the same time as Ginger was going viral, a number of other videos of dogs with hands were also getting some attention. One of my personal favorites is ‘Naika Comiendo’ (Naika eats). The angle the video is shot from, along with the fact that Naika is eating with a fork and knife just cracks me up. This is actually the first video of a dog with hands that I saw, and I think it remains my favorite.

There have been numerous other YouTube hits starring dogs with hands, including ‘Dinner For One’, ‘Dog eats dinner with hands’ and ‘Another Dog Day at the Office’, which I like because it’s a bit different, not being food-related. I have a feeling that it might be even funnier if I could understand what this dog at the office was saying. Do you have a favorite dog with hands video on YouTube?