DoGooder Video Awards Honor YouTube Creators for Charitable Efforts

The Vlogbrothers, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley and Felix Kjellberge, a.k.a. PewDiePie, are among the YouTube creators being honored in the 2015 DoGooder awards

DoGoogerVideoAwardsBanner650Hosting charity fundraising through social media has become an incredibly useful and popular way to raise money. From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to tsū raising five times the anticipated amount for Charity: Water, social media is very active and supportive when it comes to charity. Because of the impact of social thought leaders on charitable giving, DoGooder wants to honor some of the charitable organizers of YouTube.

Each year, the DoGooder Video Awards open for submissions in January, and they hope to compile the best nonprofit and charity videos uploaded in the previous year. The categories this year include best nonprofit video, Funny for Good and the ImpactX award for the videos that have the biggest demonstrable impact for their nominated charity.

The awards are organized by see3, the Nonprofit Technology Network and the YouTube Nonprofit Program. And because of the contributions many of YouTube’s leading content creators, the DoGooder awards will see their submissions put up for vote, too.

A press release from DoGooder notes that the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green, raised a great deal for 20 charities in 2014. Other noteworthy creators in the running include Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley and  Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie, who raised more than $630,000 for Save the Children in 2014.

Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3, said:

We are really excited to include the YouTube creators in this year’s National DoGooder Awards. When we started the awards nine years ago, no one knew why they needed to focus on video. Now, more and more people are building communities focused around the power of video and using that medium to support social causes.

Submissions to the contest closed Feb. 8, but users can currently preview the video submissions on the site before the voting opens Feb. 17, and winners will be announced at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin, Texas, March 5.