Is Your Dog Cuter Than Sapphire?

“My puppy at her 14 week trim.”April Ryan.

Today starts Dogbowl 2013. And it begins with American Urban Radio White House Correspondent April Ryan’s puppy, Sapphire. Three years ago, the feature began quite innocently when we declared that Syndicated columnist Karl Frisch’s puppy, Dexter von Frisch, was the cutest dog in Washington. At the time, he was four-months-old, weighed 12 pounds and was already reading FishbowlDC on a near daily basis. Many readers disagreed with our choice — and a new feature was born as pictures poured in from journalists all over town.

Ryan’s pooch has a certain regal air to her and who can resist those pink bows?

Think your dog has what it takes to make our list? Send us a picture and a graph telling us about the dog’s personality, likes and dislikes. We may ask to meet your pooch in person. If you’re a member of Washington’s media or a political journalist, send to or to Dogs who entered our previous contest may enter again. We’re making an exception for Washington newest dog named after a media personality, Chuck Todd. He may enter the contest if he’s not too busy parading around the dog park showing off his famous name.