Dog whisperer bitch-slapped by lawsuit: AP

You want to know why L.A. gets a reputation for flakiness?

It’s stuff like this:

Per the AP, “…in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Superior Court, ‘8 Simple Rules’ producer Flody Suarez says he took 5-year-old, Gator, to the Dog Psychology Center on February 27 to deal with fears of other dogs and strangers.”

And what happened next, you ask?

“Hours after dropping the dog off at the facility, Suarez claimed a worker called to inform him the animal had been rushed to a veterinarian. He later found the dog ‘bleeding from his mouth and nose, in an oxygen tent gasping for breath and with severe bruising to his back inner thighs,’ the lawsuit claims.

Now, while it sounds as though Suarez’s pet might actually be a post-surgical Michael Jackson, he is, in fact, a Labrador retriever, one who left the Center in worse shape than he went in: “The facility’s workers allegedly placed a choke collar on the dog, pulled him onto a treadmill and forced him to ‘overwork.’ Suarez says he spent at least $25,000 on medical bills and the dog must undergo more surgeries for damage to his esophagus.”

Well, there is a bright side: At the least, Gator has learned he has nothing to fear from strangers.