Dogasaur: How A Dog Lovers Social Network Acquired Over 200K Facebook 'Likes' In 2 Months

How many hours can you spend watching cute dog photos and videos? Probably more than you think., a new website all about dogs, has become a social network of sorts for dog lovers where users can create profiles for their dogs, make friends for themselves and their dogs, chat and email, post photos, videos and also do more on their new Facebook page. The appeal of this social model for has been sensational since its Facebook page was launched about 2 months ago and already attracted over 200,000 likes. Now inquiring minds want to know, so how did they do that?

I had a chance to ask questions to’s founder and CEO, Josh Abrams, and head of Business Development, Erlend Wilhelmsen, about the success and the social features of When asked how they managed to reach so many Facebook users, Erland says ‘Without getting into too much detail, we can safely say that the traffic generation and getting past 200,000 likes was done through a mix of engagement ads pointing to the fan page itself within the Facebook network and organic growth through seeding. When you get past 10,000 fans, you can experience a snowball effect with the right play and the right content.”

So, with this answer not disclosing too much information, Wilhelmsen makes a point that once pages get fairly popular on Facebook, a viral effect can naturally occur. Not to mention that dog related topics are a widespread popular interest and people are drawn to the page through a shared love for dogs. “At a deeper level, people are incredibly passionate about their own dogs. In this light, Dogasaur is perfect for social media. Besides your children, there is little in life you care about as much as your dog(s). If you look at the Facebook wall for Dogasaur, you’ll notice that a large percentage of posts are really people posting pics of their dog. Then people follow up with likes and comments if they fancy it.”

Abrams and Wilhelmsen anticipate the growth of Dogasaur’s page to rise with time. They expect growth to be around 100,000 more fans per month because social elements are really keeping users busy on the site and the word is spreading fast. The Facebook page has been a clear success and this may have worked so well because Dogasaur did their homework before the launch. Erland stated that “We’ve spent over a year tweaking the product and observed user feedback. We tested various content styles while figuring out what worked and what didn’t before we started implementing a strategy and road map for our Facebook extension.”

Dogasaur is a place to learn facts about dogs, participate in a community and be entertained by funny pics and videos. Do you think you’ll join this site to see what other dogs are doing or share your adorable dog with the world?