Dog Days of Sumner

sumdrum.jpgFollowing a NYT story last week about Sumner Redstone’s squabbles with his daughter Shari (and everyone else on the planet, really), the LAT hits the ol’ man with a profile that leads with the ageist and jaw-droppingly presumptuous sentence:

“In his twilight years, Sumner Redstone should be relaxed, fulfilled and enjoying the fruits of his labor.”

No doubt the man is growing increasingly cantankerous and isolated. He hasn’t spoken to his nephew or son since the two filed separate lawsuits against him over the last year. And now, he’s telling Forbes that his daughter (and once heir apparent) Shari Redstone, VP of CBS and Viacom, had “little or no contribution” to his entertainment empire.

He may be a jerk, but we still have trouble understanding why a business story would include information like this:

Redstone is showing signs of his age despite a passion for health shakes and antioxidants. Daily swims have replaced vigorous games of tennis. He shuffles feebly and no longer brags about taking Viagra.

Kinda seems like low-hanging (and somewhat shriveled) fruit.