Does Yahoo Even Know What It Has?

That’s the question asked by Joe Pompeo, who left Yahoo! News a few months ago to join a new-ish startup website called Capital New York.

Pompeo wrote that there’s been a lot of attention lately to Yahoo and how it plans to “redirect” its efforts toward high-quality, original reporting.

The message is basically: What am I, chopped liver? Pompeo and many other high-profile journalists were recruited about 18 months ago to do exactly what Yahoo is now planning to “redirect” its focus to: original content.

This all came to light in a recent NYT article about Yahoo’s “redirection,” which included interviews with three Yahoo execs.

“It might have been an editorial decision on the part of the Times that the existing structures for journalism inside Yahoo weren’t significant enough to mention,” Pompeo says, “[o]r it could be that [the execs] Rosen, Singh and Levinsohn simply didn’t emphasize The Upshot during their interviews, which would, perhaps, underscore a fundamental disjunct within Yahoo, at this point a highly disjointed and bureaucratic corporate media behemoth….I…parted from Yahoo with the impression that the suits running the show … were not exactly attuned to the work the Upshot writers were producing, despite their considerable investment in it.”

So the question is: Does Yahoo know what it’s got?

Pompeo adds: “During a meeting in New York this summer, for instance, Singh told the Upshot team: ‘I’m sure all of you are capable of producing your standard, ‘Who, what, when, where,’ story.’…Given that the company had successfully recruited people with long track records….Singh could have hoped for more, or realized he was already getting it.”