Does Word Of Mouth Marketing Work Better On Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have a strategy for reaching influencers on Twitter? As we’ve written about before, finding out which influencers are retweeting you can lead to more brand recognition and conversions, but you’ve got to reach out to them first.

This infographic explains just how important word of mouth marketing is on social media, and how it can be used to reach those influencers that could become your very own brand ambassadors.

Coming to us from CapSEO, this infographic presents facts and figures about word of mouth marketing online.

Word of mouth marketing budgets are increasing rapidly in the US, and it makes sense: people are spending 1.8 hours a week shopping online, 2.7 hours browsing the news, and a massive 4.6 hours on social media, on average. Reaching out on social media means getting to your customers where they are most often.

So how are word of mouth and influencers connected? By leveraging social media you can find people who are willing to review your product, spreading the word about your brand. These people are influencers, and if you can access them, you’ll connect with the 82 percent of people who are influenced by the reviews they read online. Meaning that you will have a direct connection to your consumer base through influencers.

Twitter is full of influencers, and influence is felt on Twitter more than perhaps any other network due to its open nature. So by tweeting promotions and review requests to influencers on Twitter, you’ll be able to tap into a powerful network of word of mouth marketing that you can’t get anywhere else.

Check out the infographic below (Click to enlarge):

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