Does VoiceCentral (Web App for Google Voice) Show the Way the iPhone & AT&T Could Fade Away?

Screenshot courtesy of Riverturn

Riverturn’s 3rd party solution to providing a Google Voice web-app for Google Voice on the iPhone points out a couple of interesting problems in iPhone-land…

Google Voice Is Coming Back To The iPhone Via The Browser, Thanks To VoiceCentral

Apple’s incredibly popular and successful iTunes App Store for the iPhone has also proven to be a potential problem as it waffles on various app types like video recording (now allowed it seems) and apps to access Google Voice. Riverturn VoiceCentral app accepted and then pulled from the App Store last summer. They now have a beta of a web-app version of their Google Voice app running.

I haven’t tried this beta web app (nor am I planning to register for beta access). But, based on the screenshots, it looks like a well-executed web app for the iPhone. So, let’s say this app becomes popular and creates a surge in the use of Google Voice by iPhone users. This leads to another potential problem: AT&T’s 3G data network apparenly is already overwhelmed by iPhone users. Will data intensive web apps like VoiceCentral bring it to its knees (again!)?