Does Video Twitter Make Sense?

Last night Techcrunch and Loic Le Meur announced Seesmic’s acquisition of Twhirl, an application we previously reviewed on our site. I got the beta invite to Seesmic a few months back and tried it out once. I had some serious issues with Seesmic. The main issue was that it takes way too long to post a video and listen to a video playback then read a maximum 140 character message.

Loic appears to be making a smart move with the Twhirl acquisition because now your videos can fit directly into the application. This is similar to the video commenting feature provided by Viddler. I’ve seen a few people use this added feature but so far all of the video comments I’ve seen have been half a second long and of no significant value.

Will you take the time to leave a video comment in reply to a Tweet? I’m sure Loic sure thinks so but based on the lack of growth of the site it’s hard to see where the value is. There are not as many avid Seesmic users as there are Twitter users but then again it only launched around 6 months ago so it hasn’t had time to “cross the chasm.” Do you think Seesmic will succeed?

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