Does the Plants Vs. Zombies iPhone Game Really Deserve a 5-Star Rating? Yes, It Does! No Kidding

I commented yesterday that…

Zombies Have Conquered the iPhone App Store!

…and was curious enough about the Plants vs. Zombies game to spend $2.99 of my hard earned money to learn why this game had a solid 5-star average rating from 2560 reviewers. The game has fallen from #1 to #2 in the iPhone paid apps list in the past day. But, it still has a 5-star average rating with 4169 reviews! Make that 4170. I just added my own 5-star rating for this game.

PvZ (as it is titled on your iPhone screen) is a very addictive game. And, I suspect it will be one of just a few evergreen games on my iPhone that I’ll return to from time to time for months to come.

Despite its appearance as a shooter game (based on still screen captures), it is actually a pure strategy game. The plants always shoot straight and true all by themselves. There is no need for aiming or even firing on the part of the game player. Your job is to make sure the right plants get planted in the right places at the right time to hold off the advancing zombies. Like all great games, PvZ starts off very easy (and remains very playable as I’ve advanced so far) and lets you learn new game skills at each of the early levels.

I’m not much of a game player. But, I’m addicted to PvZ. It may be the best $2.99 I’ve spent in a long time.

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