Does Paul Gigot Play Well With Others?

It was Karl Rove‘s parting gift to Rupert Murdoch‘s newly acquired WSJ. The Architect may not have left a legacy of a Republican majority for the ages, but he did manage to break off some scoop for WSJ editorial page editor Paul Gigot. One full day after the fact, the NYT and the Washington Post bring up the rear with their own takes on Rove’s resignation. Michael Calderone of Observer’s Media Mob asks if Gigot was a team player with his scoop:

Of course, the Chinese Wall between editorial and news is a vital part of the Journal‘s legacy. But does that preclude Mr. Gigot from informing the news side of a huge breaking story, which he learned two days earlier? [David Wessel, the Journal‘s deputy Washington bureau chief] declined to answer whether he was aware of Mr. Rove’s resignation before today.

— Ron Mwangaguhunga