Does “no work on Yom Kippur” include blogging?

Magen David.pngA learned Talmudic scholar says yes, but carves out an exception if that is the only way to keep from eating. So we’ll see if I post tomorrow. This one doesn’t count; I think we can all agree that it’s a stretch to call a post like this “work.”

To those who observe, an easy fast; and though I was supposed to do this before, I ask the forgiveness of those whom I may have wronged by sin of commission or omission; with malice aforethought or just by being a bonehead; by word or by deed or by one showtune reference too many. To any of you who might seek my forgiveness, I gladly offer it. It’s good to clear all that stuff up before the weekend. Party!

I actually mean all that, despite the goofy tone. All the best for the New Year to celebrants and non-celebrants alike.