Does Media Matters Stink?


The Wonkettes dig up an internal email from liberal media watchdogs

    Subject: Men’s bathroom….again
    From: [Redacted]
    Date: Mon, March 27, 2006 12:51 pm
    To: [Everyone with a penis]
    Priority: High

    I’m sorry to have to send another e-mail about the men’s bathroom, but Jenny was on the receiving end of an unfortunate tirade from the building engineer (wait: assistant building engineer) a few minutes ago about a clogged toilet from this morning. I know that none of you would intentionally “stuff” a toilet, but he seems to think that someone from this office is doing just that. I’m not sure how to suggest to you guys to be conscious of what’s going down there (and I know it sounds ridiculous), but please try. They already hate us, so let’s try to play nice.

    Media Matters for America

And it ain’t the first time.

So who’s got the clogged toilet stories from the Media Research Center?