Does Jay Carney Need Media Training?

The Telegraph‘s Toby Young hears, all the way across the ocean in the U.K., that Jay Carney sucks at his job. According to Young, sources tell him that Carney is “really struggling.” And moreover, he’s nervous, stuttering, and a little stumped by both basic and complicated questions alike. Finally, his lack of skill is throwing a monkey wrench in what should be a positive post-Osama bin Laden time for the President. In a story posted on, CNN political analyst Bill Schneider says, “I don’t see any evidence of a deliberate plan to mislead, but they should have maintained tighter controls of the message.”

It seems as though we don’t hear from him quite as much as we heard from Robert Gibbs. And there were always concerns that Carney didn’t have the tight relationship with the President like Gibbs. Finally, there were whispers that Carney wasn’t the first choice for many. What do you think? Is Carney doing a bad job? Your comments are welcome.