Does Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ button work?


$2.80 for 48 photo views and 8 likes — using Facebook’s Boost Post button.

And these are quality interactions, not click-farmed “fans.”

The complaint against using the Boost Post option is that you can’t target as finely or set the business objective (conversions, fans, engagement, etc).

However, if your audience is solid and you’re just wanting to nurture them over time, boosting is a lightweight, powerful option.

In February, we saw optimized CPM bidding help Facebook hit the right audience, even if you didn’t select it.

And the result was great engagement with the right people.

Now Facebook is so smart with the targeting that we can even let them decide on audience as large as a million for top of funnel and mid-funnel engagement. 

Do you think we’ll ever get to the point where Facebook will just know what we want and do it for us?

It seems like those who complain about boosted posts not working are:

  • Geeks who swear only by Power Editor: tech snobs!
  • Direct marketers who just want sales, as opposed to building relationships.
  • Small businesses that don’t have an audience yet, which makes targeting hard for Facebook’s algorithm.
  • People who are still relying on old information, such as from my colleague a year ago here.

Boostpost2If you haven’t boosted your posts in a few months, give it a shot and let me know how it performs!

Dennis Yu is the Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics.

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