Does Facebook Have the Right Priorities?

Multi Friend SelectorLast week, a new addition to the Facebook platform seemed to go unnoticed. The new multi-friend-selector enables users to select friends from a smaller interface than the existing invite form. I’m sure there had been a number of requests from developers but is this really a significant addition? The platform has a number of issues including random “200 and no data errors” being displayed that cause applications to crash.

There are a number of big changes that we have been writing about as a result of hidden signals that Facebook has been dropping including yesterday’s addition of the “Networking” option to the meeting_for field. I understand that Facebook may have a couple developers that are assigned to minor changes on the platform on a daily basis but there are tons of more important issues to be resolved. One nice feature that I hadn’t noticed is the <fb:mp3> tag which displays an mp3 player for any music file.

While there are some useful features on the Facebook platform, developers are awaiting upgrades to the system that will resolve larger issues and provide greater functionality. The addition of a smaller invite form is something that I personally wasn’t looking for. Were there a lot of developers that were requesting this feature?