Does crime pay? Ask David Chase

The AP‘s Frazier Moore offers a glimpse inside the inner working of “The Sopranos” via a lengthy interview with David Chase. toc1_chase.jpg

You, know: “The Sopranos”? The show. On cable?

Look, I know it was years ago – maybe like, sixteen, eighteen years or something, but I know you can remember it if you try. It was about gangsters. In New Jersey. It went on hiatus in, like, 1987? I don’t really know. It was so long ago.

Well, anyway. My co-editor is right (see two posts below): Even Chase employs a gratuitious reference to getting “made” in the context of his own pre-“Sopranos” TV writing.

“I sort of made my bones on ‘The Rockford Files,'” Chase says, referring to the lighthearted 1970s drama about private eye Jim Rockford.

But since the reference comes from Chase himself, can we really fault the AP for using it?