Does the ‘Cosmo for Guys’ iPad Head Miss the Mark?

Cosmopolitan‘s new iPad mag for lads, Cosmo for Guys, has a new promo video featuring a woman with an iPad head walking through New York’s Bryant Park. After a stream of gawkers take a closer look, we finally get a glimpse of the magazine at the end of the clip.

Is that enough to make you want to read the magazine?

True, the page you get a glimpse of will hit home with the target audience since they feature half-naked women and coverage that seems entirely focused on sex.

But it seems like the magazine is ultimately an afterthought; like the idea was really cool, but it’s not focused enough on the product it’s meant to publicize. The iPad head isn’t even a man’s head, but it’s a men’s magazine.

You don’t necessarily need to be hit over your real human head repeatedly during the video, but for PR and marketing purposes, the point is that the images should logically lead you to think of the product that’s being promoted. Hmm. What do you think?

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