Does Barney Need a Breast Reduction?

Yesterday we witnessed something more horrifying than ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner provocatively holding a towel while snapping a picture of himself in the nude at the House gym. It was Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on the House floor in a cornflower blue long-sleeved getup that accentuated his um, hooters. He was purportedly wearing the shirt because he injured his thumb — we don’t want to know the details of that, either.

Please see RealClearPolitics‘ clip of the incident here.

Mr. Frank, just because you’re on your way out does not mean we now want to see your breasts. But alright, now that we have, we think you may want to consider your options: A) No snug frontal clothing. B) Breast reduction surgery — go smaller Congressman.

One Washington journo who has weirdly seen Frank in his birthday suit (innocently at the gym) wrote in with a bout of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “I do not care if he injured himself so badly that his entire body except his enormous boobs had to be amputated, I still do not want to see those boobs.” More compassionately, the scribe added, “They have to be causing him back problems.”


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