Does Alexis Stewart Need Some Major Media Training?

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Alexis Stewart, daughter of the one and only Martha Stewart, and her former co-host and friend Jennifer Koppelman Hutt made an appearance this morning on the Today show to promote their new book Whateverland: Learning to Live Here. Today interviewer Savannah Guthrie focused on a number of quotes from the book where Stewart comments on the rigors of growing up with a mama like Martha. For instance, there were no prepared foods in the house so little Alexis had to “forage” for herself. Guthrie points out that the book has made headlines for various revelations. Sounds like what you’d expect, right?

The interview got some attention here in the Mediabistro’s office for the way Alexis conducted it. “Icy” and “cold” were a couple of the adjectives used here. (A couple of other outlets have also written about it.)

From what we can tell, Stewart is just a prickly personality and was extra crabby (and defensive) for being questioned about some of what she wrote. And bonus: both ladies say they’re no longer friends, so they get to sit next to each other on the Today show couch looking six kinds of uncomfortable. Happy Monday!

Twitter lit up with criticism of the duo’s performance, which Today noticed and tweeted about.

One of our colleagues suggests more media training for Stewart, which sounds like a great idea, if she would be open to it. (Remember the aforementioned prickliness.) If Stewart didn’t expect to get grilled about comments from the book, then she definitely needs a good media specialist to prepare her. Also, a publicist would be quick to remind her that getting people excited and curious about what you’ve written rather than put off by your personality is the goal of a sit-down on the biggest morning news program out there.

Do you think Alexis Stewart’s attitude and the weird relationship between her and her co-writer is something a publicist could help with?  The comments section is open.