Does a Burnett-Bartiromo Feud Serve NewsCorp’s Interests?


Nat Worden of TheStreet is promoting a farfetched but interesting theory on NewsCorp’s machinations that is every bit as complicated as a plotline for ”24.” Worden supposes that Fox Business Network, which launches October 15th, is quite possibly looking for a ”Money Honey” to compete with CNBC’s most recognizable personality, Maria Bartiromo. If that is so, what if the much talked about Page Six report on the behind-the-scenes feuding between Erin Burnett and Bartiromo was done in order to foment some competition between the two, thereby providing conditions in which FBN could swoop in and poach some talent? From TheStreet:

”All this comes after Murdoch’s efforts to wrest Dow Jones from its controlling family inspired a string of examinations in The Journal, The New York Times and The New Yorker into the mogul’s record. Those stories revealed that News Corp. has a long history of manipulating the content purveyed by its media outlets to advance its business agenda, and CNBC spokesman Kevin Goldman suggests that this may be another example.

”’It’s clear to everyone why the News Corp.-owned New York Post is trying to manufacture something that doesn’t exist,’ says Goldman about the so-called feud between Bartiromo and Burnett.”

The spokesman for News Corp., Andrew Butcher derided it all as ”conspiracy theory invented by bloggers.”