Does 4Loot Pay Facebook Credits For Searching The Web?

A site called 4Loot promises to reward you with Facebook Credits from searching the web and shopping online, but maybe there's still some debugging needed here.

I scored 30 “coins” just by joining 4Loot, which promises rewards of Facebook Credits for searching the web with a special toolbar. But after an initial reward of four more coins, the giveaways have ground to a halt even though I keep trying to score them.
More prominent explanation about how to score these coins is needed. The link to the How It Works page is hidden at the bottom of the homepage.

The site says rewards are given for downloading a toolbar and making 4Loot one’s home page. I’ve done those things and haven’t seen any increase in loot as a direct result.

Meanwhile, for me to use the Firefox plugin, the 4Loot search tool has to compete for my attention with all of the Add This icons and several other search doohickeys already crowding my browser window.

At first I thought one coin from 4Loot equaled one Facebook Credit. But that would mean the site gave me three bucks for joining. It turns out that 65 4Loot coins buys two Facebook Credits, and that’s the minimum purchase option.

The 4Loot homepage shows a list of people who’ve been winning coins on the site, but I’m not one of them anymore. I keep using the tiny search window marked with the red cherries that’s part of 4Loot’s logo, and don’t see any queries adding to my balance of loot.

The same goes for my repeat attempts to use the larger search bar on 4Loot’s site. By now, I find myself keying in phrases like “where’s my loot” and “gimme some Facebook Credits, please.” I’m not seeing any change in the amount of coins I’ve got, although the search results include a link to learn more about how to earn from 4Loot, which takes me to a page I’ve already viewed.

The site tells me I get rewarded for inviting friends to use 4Loot, but only four invites can go out per day. However, they each score 30 4Loot coins by accepting my invitation. The next day, I invited another four friends, and hours later it still hasn’t registered in my coin count at all. The same thing happened on subsequent days. Apparently my friends aren’t accepting the accepting the invites, but once they do, I may earn more coins. I’ll keep at it.

Have you tried out 4Loot yet? What experience have you had with this application?