Boston Wag Tells LA to Google ‘Josh Beckett Unapologetic’

After leading off with some snippets of rhapsodic praise for the Red Sox-Dodgers blockbuster trade from such corners as the LA Times, Magic Johnson, Ned Colletti and USA Today, sports producer Michael Hurley warns in an open letter to LA that this group has it all wrong.

The Dodgers should have found a way to get the Red Sox to shoulder more of the financial burden, he writes. Carl Crawford is a gigantic long shot. Adrian Gonzalez is no good in the clutch. And pitcher Josh Beckett (pictured), well he’s ‘just the worst. Seriously:’

Golfing between starts is no big deal for a pitcher, except for when that pitcher just missed a start because of a lat injury. He met the media after his following start (when Cleveland rocked him for about 30 runs in three innings) and refused to apologize, saying “My off day is my off day” and “We only get 18 off days a year.”

And remember in February, when he publicly expressed outrage that a teammate leaked news of him and his pals eating fried chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse? Rather than apologize for being unprofessional, he was angry at someone else for having the audacity to expose him for being unprofessional. Nothing sums up Beckett better than that. Seriously, Google “Josh Beckett unapologetic” and you get 21,000 results.

Hurley continues on from there with many more reasons why Beantown is celebrating like it’s Chrismas in August. It’s the journalistic, family-friendly equivalent of a full-on Fenway Park bleacher razz.

[Photo: Brandon Vincent/]