Documents To Go For iPhone Supports Google Docs

DataViz is a long time mobile application developer that sells a suite of productivity applications known as Documents To Go. You can use Documents To Go to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and view PDF files on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry mobile phones. DataViz is working on a version for Palm webOS, and doesn’t sell a version for Windows Mobile, which of course has the Microsoft Windows Mobile Office applications built-in.

While Microsoft Office has long been the dominant suite of productivity applications, there are alternatives that are gaining popularity, including the cloud-based Google Documents. DataViz is wisely recognizing the trend towards greater use of Google Docs and therefore is now selling a Premium version of Documents To Go for the iPhone that supports editing Google Docs directly in the program. Any changes that you make to documents on the iPhone will synchronize with Google Docs, making it easy to share the documents with other people.

Documents To Go Premium costs $14.95, while Documents To Go costs $9.99, and it is currently available in the iTunes App Store.