docstoc: A Template for Just About Everything

There’s a new document sharing Web site in town: Currently in a limited-public Beta, the site hopes to become a top destination for professional documents. Legal, business, technology and business-oriented docs are uploaded by registered users. These documents can be viewed, saved or embedded on your Web site or blog. It’s like Scribd (the text version of YouTube) with a business slant. The idea was hatched after the company’s founder spent countless hours searching for some basic business document templates.

If you’re hunting for an invitation code, leave a comment below and let us know – and if we have any left – we’ll hook you up!

With almost 10,000 documents at the time of this post, there’s a great chance you’ll find what you are looking for. However, if you happen to fall short, you can rely on the “Request a Doc.” part of the site. The section permits you to set criteria and reach out to the docstoc community to find what you are looking for.

In a super sharing mood? Rather than upload a single file, you can utilize drag and drop functionality that enables you to upload multiple files at once.

More than just a public document repository, docstoc also lets users set up a profile, make friends and rate stuff. The site can also be used to setup personal folders to save documents that can be set to private, allowing you to access them anytime, anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

docstoc made a splash at the TechCrunch40. The Los Angeles-based start up was founded by Jason Nazar, previously a working partner at a venture capital firm. And speaking of capital, docstoc just picked up an undisclosed amount.

Document templates, especially ones of a legal nature, are often sold. docstoc makes a wealth of free information available at your fingertips. And if current traffic trends hold up, docstoc will be making plenty of money soon enough.

Learn more about docstoc by checking out this video.