Dock Your Netbook or Notebook Without Wires

The bane of mobile computing is wires. To me there is nothing worse than connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to a notebook computer. Most notebook manufacturers sell docking stations as a solution to the problem of connecting wires, but the problem is that docking stations are too expensive and you have to buy them specifically for the manufacturer and model of notebook computer you own. You will not find any docking stations for most netbooks.

My dream is to have a large monitor, full-size keyboard, mouse, and speakers, sitting on a desk and have a notebook computer instantly connect to these peripherals whenever it comes in range. We have long seen wireless keyboards and mice, but providing wireless connections for monitors is a greater challenge. Wireless USB has long promised to make my dream reality by providing short range, high bandwidth radio communication that can support video monitors, but it has been slow to roll out and I am only aware of a few models of Dell notebook computers that have a wireless USB option.

JKOnTheRun has news of the Warpia Easy Dock that can full-fill my dream. It consists of a USB dongle that plugs into Windows notebooks and netbooks as well as Macbooks, and a docking station for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers that has a wireless receiver. While the technology is not built-in to the notebook or netbook, the benefit is that it will work with a wide range of products. I also think the $149 price fairly affordable, I remember paying nearly that much for a wired KVM solution several years ago.

The company that is selling the Warpia Easy dock already sells a wireless solution for connecting notebooks to TVs that is available at popular online stores like Amazon and Newegg. While availability was announced today, I have not see any information about where it can be purchased, though I expect it to be sold at the same online stores.

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